Thursday, September 3, 2009

This makes me smile!

I like portraits that you have everyone sitting and looking at the camera, but the ones that make me smile are portraits that when I look at them they evoke a memory or emotion. So while the following are not what you think of as "traditional" family portraits these are often the ones that make me smile.

This portrait reminds me of a conversation that I have about a million times a day with my toddler, Cailin. She points and says, "Look at that Mommy!"
I always respond and ask, "What do you see Cailin?"
She says, "A plane."
I always ask, "Where is the plane going?"
And without fail she always tells me the plane is going home. After all doesn't everyone always go home?

DSC00278(blog) This is Cailin's mad face. She gives this face when she is upset or when something is not going her way. Ariel and I then try to make her laugh.

DSC00241(blog) Cailin is such a touchy feely child. Even right now she is sitting next to me stroking my arm. She gives hugs and kisses all the time. Ariel is humoring her, but sometimes I hear her saying to Cailin, get off of me or quit touching me.

Now here they were supposed to be sitting down and smiling at me (the camera), but Ariel my true gymnast seized the moment to climb and hang. She can be found doing stuff like this all the time. She watches television upside down using the couch to stand on her head. And Cailin just tries to mimic her sister.
I'm printing this series of pictures and a few more as an accordian wallet, but more on that later.
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