Thursday, August 6, 2009


About the Photographer
My love of photography has always been there. It blossomed when I had my first child. I always kept a box camera around and would often snap pictures of her playing, drawing, and us just hanging out. I found what I loved the most was having her look at the albums I'd created and really enjoying the stories that the photos reminded me of. She loved (and still does) hearing stories about her younger self.
My obsession :) with photography started with the birth of my second child and the breaking of my digital camera. This is when I discovered DSLR cameras and the bells and whistles of photography.
So, simply put- I love what photography stands for- memories and I love capturing celebrations of love and family. I believe everyone should have portraits detailing the relationship between you and your loved ones. I would love to do that for you. If you would like to contact me about a photo session or for more information, drop me a few lines by email at
Phone: (727)599-5024
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