Friday, November 27, 2009

It's a Girl!

On this day, November 22, it was a really nice day so we gathered a friend and we all went down to the beach. You ever look back on days and just wish you knew what was in store? Just so that you could go back and do things a little differently. Well if I knew that I was going to find myself  in labor that night, I certainly wouldn't have spent the day doing 100 miscellaneous things and certainly wouldn't have spent the afternoon at the beach. Instead, I would have been at home resting for the upcoming sleepless night.

So, meet our newest edition, Little Miss Rylie. She's (so far) a sweet little baby. However, the most surprising thing has been how alert she is. I mean, look at those eyes! During the day, she is up for at least an hour or two, just looking about.

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  1. OMG!!!!! Congrats! Babies are always unpredictable. :) I'm glad that she is a beautiful and healthy baby girl!!! Hope you get some rest! Congrats again!!!! :)


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