Monday, November 16, 2009

My (Almost) Big 6th grader

We found ourselves on this day, just hanging out and walking around downtown. I always try and carry a camera, so all I need next is favorable lighting and a nice scenery and I'm ready for any impromptu photo shoot.
I keeping thinking I should have edited this image a little differently. It feels a little "old school" to me. Maybe it needs a little texture.....hmmm. Anyway, this is my favorite photo of that day because I think it shows her true character- quiet and reflective. And consientious. Those are words I would also use to describe myself. Isn't it funny that you can look at your kids and sometimes see yourself? And then you worry about all the mistakes you've made and things you've done wrong and think they could be hers too......or am I the only one?

This was the next image I got when (I don't know how we started talking about chocolate) I asked her was she thinking of chocolate. And she said, "Yes, chocolate ice cream!" This kid loves chocolate! I mean really loves anything chocolate. On the way home from Trick-or-treating, I remember wondering exactly what I was going to do about all the candy we had gotten that night. Well, the day after Halloween, I was looking through her candy and found about 20-30 empty candy bar wrappers left in her bag. Then, she had a friend over that weekend and they ate ALL the remaining candy left in the house. They even ate poor Cailin's candy as well!

A smile about stopping for ice cream on the way back home.


I love you, Sweet Ariel.

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