Thursday, November 12, 2009

My Almost Post.......


On days that I plan on blogging, I get up real early to do this before my littlest munchkin gets out of bed. However today, when she heard me up and about, she yelled out "Mommy what chu doin'?" and got up too. So my long blog post with lots of photos has to be shortened to one picture and a few quick words.
Ariel made the comment that she was in the house with babies and adults. I didn't know what to think about that. I mean if I could have had kids closer in age (Cailin and her are 9 years apart) I would have, but I couldn't imagine myself with more than one kid in my early 20's. However I did make myself a promise to spend more time with her one-on-one and to get out and hang with her and friends more, because I realize that Cailin just requires more of my attention because she is a busy toddler and in a few short weeks a baby will steal the show away from everyone.

 I have also been letting her pick out her own clothes and shoes. Which was hard because it seems that overnight she went from not caring to having an opinion about all the "ugly" clothes I insisted on her wearing. When she picked up these shoes the other day at the mall, I cringed slightly on the inside, and then we headed to the check out and bought them. She loves them and I have come to like them, I guess......

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