Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Happy Birthday "Z"!

This little cutie is Amanda's niece. I got to know Amanda years ago, first as my preceptor at Saint Petersburg College, where I was finishing up my degree. Five years later, we would find ourselves working at the same hospital. Also can you believe, she lives right down the block from me?! Small world isn't it?
Anyway Amanda (or Auntie Mandy) asked if I could capture her niece's birthday. And of course I agreed. I love birthday parties. I love that parents can relax and enjoy the party festivities knowing that they don't have to run around and take pictures of everything as well.
Anyway meet Ms. "Z"!

She had a swim party (if you can't tell).

_DSC0704(blog) She had one of the tallest water slides, I have ever seen. I think I would have tried to slide if I didn't happen to have this belly. I have a picture of Auntie Mandy up on the water slide but I'll save that one just for her :0)!


And a kid party would not be complete if you didn't have a pinata. This little guy busted the pinata and just look at his face!

_DSC0795(blog) Even though it doesn't look like it, this was the most orderly candy collecting activity I had ever seen. Each kid was allowed to get some candy and then move so the little ones weren't left out.

The theme of the party was High School Musical(HSM) and Ms. Z loves HSM!

But she loves Sharpay from HSM the most. As you can see she saved her from her birthday cake that she was eating (cute right)?

I know I said this before, but just look at that smile. I love those missing teeth! This reminds me to always cherish each day with your children because they grow up. I always want to remember each age and what they looked like. So much so, that my oldest daughter (who was at the party) wouldn't get in any pictures because she said she gets enough of that at home already! I thought that was pretty funny!
Anyway if you'd like me to come out and capture your child's party. Give me a call or send me an email. I would love to share in your day!
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