Monday, October 19, 2009

St. Pete Beach

This weekend we went down to St. Pete Beach. I knew it was chilly outside but it was downright cold. Over the last few days, it literally went from a sweltering 95 degrees to a chilly 70 degrees. Which meant it felt more like 50 degrees when we were at the beach. Since the kids didn't mind we stayed and played for a little while.

I like to sit back and watch them play. I think I get the best photographs that way. I spent the first year of her life photographing her this way. I have like a 1,000 head shots of this little girl!

But she has changed so much over the last 2 years, that I never want to forget this face. Although I could do without all the other stuff that comes along with having a 2 year old, but that's another story.

I bought this little outfit when I saw it on another photographer's blog. It also gave me the idea for her Halloween costume. I love Halloween and picking out costumes.

I have no idea what she is doing here(??).

But this is always very familiar. This is the way she would be caught watching television when she was just 3 or 4 years old. The child is just a natural gymnast. Look she even has poor Cailin doing it as well!

No matter how cold it is, they will always get in wet.

_DSC1000(blog) This applies to the big one as well!


This was the sunset as we were leaving. This shot is straight out of the camera (although I did a little sharpening), but that's it.
I am still officially on bedrest and off work. I am always saying I would like to be a stay-at-home Mom. That I would love to just hang out with my kids, especially while they are little. I have been home for the last month, but the truth is I think I would be bored out of my mind if this is all I had to do everyday. Of course my choices of doing things are severly limited right now (because of the bedrest and all). We've been hanging out at the beach, park, library, and the mall and all that's been pretty fun, but I don't know. Maybe what I need instead is the "perfect" schedule. And I know I haven't found that yet!
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