Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

In the spirit of Halloween, I have a ridiculous amount of photos attached to this post. I apologize in advance. Sorry!

Meet Minnie Mouse.

I couldn't find a bow to fit her head, so I bought ribbon instead and made the bow. Did I do a good job? Ok, take into account that I am artistically challenged when it comes to these types of things and I've never done anything like that before. Now, did I do a good job?


I love this smile! It always makes me laugh and because of that she always does this. She will say, "Momma, look at me!" and I turn around and she is smiling just like this.

Notice anything missing in the photo? Shortly, after we had arrived, she wanted the leggings off and then she broke the bow! The story of a 2 year old.

And she followed all that up by playing in the dirt.

After being a witch for about 10 times in a row, Ariel finally let me help pick out her costumes. I am always surfing the web looking for ideas and I came across this outfit. At first, I was thinking Hippie, but then as I added the hair, headband, all the other accessories, I was thinking we would go with just a 70's look. When she was putting on her clothes, the song that kept playing through my head was "Fight the Power" by Public Enemy. I have no idea why!?! Then as we were leaving, we stopped over at our next door neighbor's house and he said, "Angela Davis!" when we walked in. I was like YEAH that's it! So she is Angela Davis.



I love this one although Cailin is pretty upset. She is in this stage were she loves to be chased. So, that means that running after her makes her run faster. Now this is frustrating ok in the house, it is not ok when you are outside and we are next to a large street that has 4 lanes of traffic. She took off and she had a couple seconds of lead time on me and you add in my belly and she can be pretty fast. I yell for Ariel to get her and I am yelling at the top of my lungs for her to STOP! That slows her down and allows Ariel to catch up with her, but it scares the crap out of her in the process. I felt a little guilty afterward, but when I think of what could of happened.....

Big sister cheers her up anyway.

halloween08 121(blog)
This is Halloween 2008. Do you ever look at photos and even though it was just last year, it feels like a lifetime ago. I felt this way looking at these. I mean look at the how little she looks.

Ariel was a nerd last year, and this just cracks me up to look at this now. As I was helping her get dressed, I was laughing so hard that I was crying. She told me not to post this picture, but it is too memorable not to post. HeeHee!

We try to keep things fair around this house. So, baby C-C got to dress up for Halloween too!

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  1. Oh my gosh. They are so cute. What delightful costume ideas : ) That hippie is the coolest : ) Awesome! And so funny about getting rid of her pants as well as the bow!


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