Wednesday, August 26, 2009

And real estate too!

I met Amy while working at Sarasota Memorial Hospital (SMH). We both were working there as Respiratory Therapist. She joined me on night shift, and we bonded easily talking endlessly about our mutual passions; hers is real estate and mine is photography. She recently contacted me and asked would I take photos of her house that she just renovated and is now listing to sell. I never pass up a photo opportunity :0)!
Amy is a Real Estate Agent for Prudential (and as soon as I find the link I will post it!). She is really good at what she does and I can tell that she absolutely loves it. I guess that's how you can tell if people love what they do because it just leaks out of them. I hear the excitement when she talks, it makes me excited too. Also, the fact that the work she has done to her own house is absolutely impressive. Congratulations Amy and good luck!




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